Over the Edge Productions | A Little About Us
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Our work has taken us all over the world spanning many different genres of production, but most of our work falls into two categories: Entertainment & Advertising



Our portfolio of entertainment content spans many different genres across various television and digital platforms. At the end of the day, we’re filmmakers and story-tellers. Over the years, we’ve become pretty proud of the work we’ve created in areas like: Scripted • Unscripted / Documentary • Docu-drama • Hidden Camera • Live Programs & Music



Whether it be a commercial ad, a television show with integrated marketing or branded content that turns into a viral video, advertising is storytelling. As filmmakers, we love the challenge of communicating a brand’s story through these various platforms. Over the years, our experience and expertise in creatively and effectively  communicating a brand’s message has given us the opportunity to create powerful content for brands like: Adobe • Coca Cola • Danon • Disney • Marriott • Starbucks • Subway • US Army • Visa 

Our Team of Talented Misfits

Mike Leonard

Founder & President

Alan Clary

Executive Producer

Brandon Ripley

Director of Photography

Besides these clowns, we work with a collective of talented filmmakers that are hand-picked for each project of all sizes.