Over the Edge Productions | About Over the Edge Productions
Over the Edge Productions is production company specializing in commercial advertising, branded content and entertainment television based in New York City. From scripted programs and commercials to hidden camera and nonfiction, reality and documentary projects, our diverse portfolio spans many genres.
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Our work has taken us all over the world spanning many different genres of production, but most of our work falls into two categories: Entertainment Television & Commercial Advertising



Our portfolio of entertainment content spans many different genres across various television and digital platforms. At the end of the day, we’re filmmakers and story-tellers. Over the years, we’ve become pretty proud of the work we’ve created in areas like: Scripted • Unscripted Reality / Documentary • Docu-drama • Hidden Camera • Live Programs & Music



Whether it be a commercial ad, a television show with integrated marketing or branded content that turns into a viral video, advertising is storytelling. As filmmakers, we love the challenge of communicating a brand’s story through these various platforms. Over the years, our experience and expertise in creatively and effectively  communicating a brand’s message has given us the opportunity to create powerful content for brands like: Adobe • Coca Cola • Dannon • Disney • Marriott • Starbucks • Subway • US Army • Visa 

Our Team of Talented Misfits

Mike Leonard

Founder & President

Alan Clary

Executive Producer

Allison Leonard


Brandon Ripley

Director of Photography

Besides these clowns, we work with a collective of talented filmmakers that are hand-picked for each project of all sizes.